Australian Respiratory Council

About ARC

Project Advisory Group

Kerrie Shaw (Chair)


David Macintosh AM
ARC President



ARC works with a panel of experts drawn from the areas of Public health, Community Development , Indigineous Issues and Respiratory Health who can be called upon to offer advice on Project design and technical issues.

Terms of reference

1 To provide advice and recommendations to the Board on
1.1 Policy, including
  • ARC’s program strategy that defines ARC’s guiding principles, sectoral and geographic focus and methodology for ensuring quality delivery for projects in Australia and overseas
  • Other project-related policy which strengthens ARC’s capacity to deliver and raise awareness about its projects
1.2 Project work, including
  • Specific projects that ARC should undertake in Australia and overseas
  • Project management issues which have financial or budgetary implications
2 To provide technical advice and guidance to the ARC in
2.1 Identifying and pursuing opportunities for ARC to expand its project work, including
  • Sources of funding
  • Potential partnerships
  • Emerging respiratory health issues ARC is in a position to address.
2.2 Ensuring quality in project management, including
  • Assessing sustainability of project activities
  • Designing project proposals
  • Interpreting quantitative and qualitative project data
  • Formulating appropriate project management strategies
2.3 Designing and maintaining effective systems for project management, including (for example)
  • Monitoring and evaluation guidelines
  • Sustainability guidelines
3 To provide advice on appropriate matters referred to it by the Board or other Board committees