Australian Respiratory Council

Get Involved

Get Involved

ARC relies on the passion, vision, and hard work of our volunteers to help us achieve our mission:- to improve lung health.

Our Board and Committee members volunteer their time and skills. Professionals volunteer to assist in project activities.

We need people with a variety of skills and experiences to fill a wide range of volunteer jobs. You're sure to find one that is right for you!

By donating your time to ARC:

  • You may help carry out tasks such as administration, and help with ‘legwork’ which allows ARC staff to concentrate on their areas of training and expertise.
  • You can add to the pool of people available to assist in the running of various programs, which means more people can be helped.
  • You can help increase public awareness of ARC, its services and its needs.
  • You can help ensure a more cost effective service, making best use of funds available, or help in raising more funds.
To find out more about volunteering, contact ARC on 02 9223 3144 or email