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Charles Baldwin Kerr is Emeritus Professor of Preventive and Social Medicine, University of Sydney. He was educated at the University of St Andrews, Scotland, the University of Sydney and Oxford and holds a Bachelor of Medicine and a Bachelor of Surgery, and a Doctor of Philosophy. He is a fellow of the Royal Australian College of Physicians and a Fellow of the Faculty of Public Health Medicine. He is a member of the Human Genetics Association of Australasia, the Australian Public Health Association, the Australian Faculty of Public Health Physicians and the Doctors Reform Society.

Emeritus Professor Kerr was made a Member of the Order of Australia in 2004 for service to medicine in the fields of public health and human genetics, and to education.

Professor Kerr was a director of the Anti-Tuberculosis Association of NSW (and later Community Health and Anti-Tuberculosis Association) for 26 years between 1972 and 1998. He made a special contribution as chair of the planning and development committee until 1988. This committee instigated and managed the mobile Health Information and Screening Service that began in association with Sydney Hospital.

In his long and distinguished career at the University of Sydney, Professor Kerr trained a large cohort of medical graduates who were made aware of the consideration of public health issues in their practice of medicine. He carried this public health perspective through all his professional endeavours, including his directorship of what is now, the Australian Respiratory Council.

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