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Robert Horsell AOM


Robert has over the last thirteen years provided invaluable guidance and counsel to Respiratory Medicine as a Director of the Australian Respiratory Council.

Robert was nominated by Mr John Chapman AM, (Executive Officer of the Australian Respiratory Council, Community Health & Anti Tuberculosis Association (CHATA) as then known and invited by Professor Ann Woolcock, the President of the Australian Respiratory Council to join the Board and Chair the Finance Committee in 1999. Robert chaired his first finance meeting on 24th June 1999.

During the time of his Directorship, the Australian Respiratory Council has donated by way of research grants, scholarships and projects over $3.8million. These funds have been raised through external donation, financial management of the organisation's finances and existing capital. Robert has been instrumental in managing the allocation of these resources.

His drive and determination is tireless in the guidance and support he continues to provide in the management of the Australian Respiratory Council's finances.

The work of people like Robert who receive no financial benefit for countless hours of work and dedication make non-for profit organisations such as the Australian Respiratory Council viable.

Respiratory medicine has been a beneficiary of Robert's contribution.

History of services to community and the benevolent work of charities:
In 2004, the tsunami hit Seenigama (Sri Lanka) leaving 500 families, some 2,500 villagers with nothing other than a pile of rubble. Through the guidance of Robert, Cricket NSW became a major donor to the Foundation of Goodness. The Foundation serves the region around Seenigama providing to all needs of the villagers including: housing, infrastructure, livelihoods, health care, education, skills development  sports environment and cultural preservation. The achievements include the building of the Accommodation Centre, Bryan Adams Swimming Pool Complex, Surrey Club House and the Sports Management Office. In recognition of his special contribution to the project, Robert was invited as a guest of honour to the official opening.

On 26 January, 2012, Robert Horsell was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia in recognition of his service to the community.

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