Australian Respiratory Council




4th International Workshop on Lung Health, Asthma and COPD
19-21 January 2017
Budapest, Hungary



World Cancer Day
4 February 2017

The ICCT 19th International Conference on TB Therapy
16-17 February 2017
London, United Kingdom

21st Conference of The Union North America Region Association
23-24 February 2017
Vancouver, Canada

7th International Meeting on Pulmonary Rare Diseases and Orphan Drug

23-25 February 2017
Milano, Italy
Theme: TB free Asia Pacific - accelerate steps towards healthier lungs



6th Conference of The Union Asia Pacific Region
22-25 March 2017
Tokyo, Japan

15th Lung Science Conference
23-26 March 2017
Estoril, Portugal
Theme: Mechanistic overlap between chronic lung injury and cancer

World TB Day
24 March 2017

TSANZSRS Annual Scientific Meeting
24-29 March 2017
Canberra, Australia

29th Conference of The Union Middle East Region
29 March - 1 April 2017
Cairo, Egypt



15th World Conference in Public Health
3-7 April 2017
Melbourne, Australia

4th International Conference Organised by ERS & ERSS, Sleep and Breathing
6-8 April 2017
Marseille, France

14th National Rural Health Conference
26-29 April 2017
Cairns, Australia

Canadian Respiratory Conference
27-29 April 2017
Montreal, Canada



World Asthma Day
2 May 2017

American Thoracic Society International Conference
19-24 May 2017
Washington, DC, USA

World No Tobacco Day
31 May 2017



Thomas L Petty Lung Conference
7-10 June 2017
Aspen, USA

Communicable Diseases Control Conference
26-28 June 2017
Melbourne, Australia



20th Conference of The Union Africa Region
11-14 July, 2017
Accra, Ghana
Theme: Accelerating implementation through Partnership to End TB/HIV, tobacco and other related NCDs

3rd International Conference on Respiratory & Pulmonary Medicine
17 - 18 July
Melbourne, Australia

9th International Aids Society Conference

23 - 26 July 2017
Paris, France



No events



International Day of Charity
5 September 2017

European Respiratory Society International Congress
9-13 September 2017
Milan, Italy

National Asthma Week

Australian Nurses and Midwives Conference
21-22 September 2017
Melbourne, Australia



48th Union World Conference on Lung Health
11-14 October 2017
Guadalajara, Mexico



World Pneumonia Day
12 November 2017

World Diabetes Day
14 November 2017

World COPD Day 
16 November 2017

22nd Congress of the APSR
23-26 November 2017
Sydney, Australia

Lung Cancer Awareness Month
November 2017



World Aids Day
1 December 2017