Australian Respiratory Council



The ARC is seeking to award research grants of approximately $20,000 per grant in 2021. Grants will be for projects that address basic science, clinical research, and public health in infectious lung disease from tuberculosis or other infections such as COVID-19, or chronic respiratory diseases related to environmental factors such as tobacco or bushfire smoke exposure. Projects examining community issues or the health of disadvantaged groups that relate to the work that the ARC undertakes within Australia and the Indo-Pacific Region are particularly encouraged. Further information about the project work undertaken by the Australian Respiratory Council can be found on the website: Click here

The ARC Research Support Grants will be allocated for projects that were submitted to the National Health and Medical Research Council under the Ideas Grants Scheme in 2020 that were assessed as fundable by the NHMRC but have missed the cut-off for funding in 2021.

Initial applications close on the 3rd February, 2021
An information sheet and grant conditions can be downloaded. Click here.


Professor Graeme Zosky 

University of Tasmania 

The role of the placenta in determining the post-natal effects of in utero exposure to bushfire smoke. 



Associate Professor Anna Coussens 

Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, Victoria 

Identifying Age, Sex and Vitamin D Modified Immune Correlates of TB Risk.