Australian Respiratory Council

Each day 4,000 lose their lives to TB and 28,000 people become sick from this preventable & curable disease. Global efforts over the past 20 years have saved an estimated 63 million lives.  Help ARC to support global TB elimination efforts.


For over a century the Australian Respiratory Council has been an advocate and champion of public health initiatives

Throughout the last century

ARC has established a role and profile as an organisation that has successfully engaged civil society, academics, researchers, government and industry to bring focus and investment in our agency’s mission, to have a world free of preventable lung disease. We aim to improve lung health in Australia and the Indo-Pacific region through translation of research and evidence-based practice into sustainable health solutions.

In partnership with leading local and global agencies

 ARC has made a contribution to health care worker training and development, capacity building and implementation of community based approaches to improving lung health in communities in Australia and the Indo-Pacific Region. Through the development of partnerships, funding innovative research, supporting and implementing projects that contribute to respiratory health a small agency can make a difference.

ARC provides funding for researchers to initiate projects directed towards improving care for people with tuberculosis and respiratory diseases.

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