Since the early 1900's Australia has been working to bring TB under control. However in 1993 the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared TB a global emergency and in 2013 TB remains a global epidemic.

A new threat is arising for Australian TB control. Drug resistance strains of TB are developing around the world due to misuse of TB "antibiotics" resulting in death rates ranging from 30% to 100 %. These strains are known as Multi-Drug Resistant (MDR) and Extreme Drug Resistant (XDR) TB.

To control TB within Australia health professionals are now working here and across the Asia Pacific Region.

Australians like Prof Guy Marks, from Sydney, is working on Australia's door step to train local communities to stop TB.

Get involved, help ARC to combat TB, tobacco and lung disease in disadvantaged communities. See ARC's Project, Research and Resources pages for more information.

We need your support

Taking the fight against TB to our door step requires dedicated health professionals. These dedicated doctors, nurses and researchers however need your financial support. Please, if you can, support the fight against TB.

ARC is proud to celebrate in 2013, a 100 years of commitment and advocacy to TB and lung health in Australia and the Asia Pacific Region.

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Training local nurses Affected Australians

Australia Working to stop TB (click to see animation)

World TB Day (click to see video)




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